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We Have

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    Consulting, Strategizing, Planning & Research

    Gamer audiences are very segmented and have diverse drivers depending on the games they like. Plus, gaming is a dynamic dependent industry, or you evolve, or you die.
    This makes research and strategy very relevant to obtain specific results and positioning.

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    We generate emotions around a title to make it relevant to media outlets and players. We also create reactions and coverage that spans all of LATAM. We use press releases tropicalized to ponder to a wider audience.
    Showcases, Hands on and Hands-off presentations, visual resources to captivate the gamer. We manage newsroom and press sites to have an official source of information for the media outlets.

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    Social Media Management & Influencers

    The LATAM audience is very special and their fastest point of contact is Social Media, this is a very important part for the community and the fans, an official source of information and a point of contact with their favorite company.

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    Event Production

    The most memorable events are the ones that make the digital world come to life and let the players and fans experience the game with their hands. This is in what we are best, we recreate atmospheres and experiences, instead of just recreating game’s landscapes or scenes.

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    App Development & Websites

    Usable not only once, our apps span from code delivery to complex functionality, with adaptive designs and functions to fit the promotion or mechanic of the campaign.

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    Offline and Online Media Buying and Optimization

    We specialize in understanding the audience to a level no one else can, we know how to target them in a more personalized way, not only that, by optimizing the content we secure a better result for the campaigns.